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Outside General Counsel Services

At Carter Law Group, P.C., we want to be proactive members of your legal team. The most cost effective way for you to gain access to the proactive and strategic legal advice you need is to partner with us to serve your day-to-day legal needs as your Outside General Counsel. As Outside General Counsel, we manage the legal aspects of your business in addition to providing value added strategic advice to help you achieve your mission. We offer Outside General Counsel services to clients of all sizes, and customize each offering to our clients’ needs.

Our clients span the full range of nonprofit, tax-exempt and social enterprise industries, including:

  • Grant-making Private Foundations
  • Supporting Organizations
  • Charter Schools
  • Health Care/Biotech
  • Museums and Arts Organizations
  • Trade Associations
  • National and Internationally Federated Organizations and/or Chapters
  • Social Service Organizations
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Churches and Religious Organizations

Our Outside General Counsel representation is designed for organizations that require ongoing legal services such as advice regarding governance, funding and general business contracts, planned giving, fundraising, tax matters, as well as board and staff training from a trusted legal partner. Through our Outside General Counsel representation, we get to know your organization intimately and use our extensive network of contacts and resources to help your organization thrive. Outside General Counsel services include the following:

  • Provide counsel, advice and representation to client in all of its legal and business affairs, upon request of client.
  • Review various client corporate documents to determine adequacy and legal compliance, including, without limitation, client’s governing documents (e.g., its articles of incorporation and bylaws) and Client’s employment and human resources records and policies, and prepare a report to the client with analysis of the review.
  • Attend client Board of Director meetings, other board and committee meetings, and executive sessions on request of the client and provide advice as necessary.
  • Provide legal advice, written legal opinions, and consultation on all matters affecting the client to the client’s Board, board committees, CEO and other appropriate officers and employees of client, in accordance with such policies and procedures as may be established by client from time to time, on matters regarding the routine and day-to-day issues and matters that client may encounter, including matters relating to corporate, employment and human resources issues, non-competition and confidentiality issues regarding current and former employees, basic contract or document review and advice, problem solving, litigation prevention and negotiation.
  • Be available for telephone consultation with client staff, as needed on legal matters which are within their area of operation.
  • Prepare or review necessary legal documents such as; meeting minutes and resolutions; all agreements of any nature; all real property instruments of any nature including purchase agreements and escrows, leases, covenants, deeds, easements and licenses; memorandums of understanding; employment policies; operational policies and procedures; and all similar documents, all as requested by client.
  • Monitor pending and current legislation and case law as appropriate, and advise client accordingly.
  • Supervise outside legal services, auditors, investigators and other professional services, if any.

Outside General Counsel representations are billed monthly on a fixed fee basis or on a blended hourly rate. The fee is mutually agreed to after a thorough review of your organization and its needs and reviewed periodically to ensure that the arrangement is fair to both the client and to the firm.