Charitable Solicitation Registration

Charitable Registration SolicitationIf your nonprofit is engaged in fundraising activities, it will likely need to file a registration form with every state where it is soliciting donations. Currently, 41 states and the District of Columbia require registration in advance of engaging in any fundraising or solicitation activity. This requirement is known as a charitable solicitation registration.

The duty to register applies regardless of what form the solicitation takes. Whether your nonprofit fundraises through a website, social media, texting, grant applications, personal asks, phone calls, direct mail, gives days, crowdfunding, etc. it is considered “soliciting” under the law and triggers a duty to register.

What can happen if you don’t comply? As state regulators continue to increase enforcement of fundraising laws, nonprofits that play the enforcement lottery are at greater risk than ever. Failure to comply can result in substantial fines and penalties. In addition, states may bar your nonprofit from soliciting donations within the state.

Caritas Law Group, through its affiliate, Caritas Registration, can help your nonprofit determine where it needs to file, whether there are states where filing can be avoided based on applicable exemptions, the Charleston Principles, or by excluding them from solicitations. Once the states where registration is required have been identified, we can help you file the proper registrations in all states that require them and keep the renewals up to date.

Don’t leave your nonprofit fundraising to chance. Contact us today at or call 602-456-0071 for an estimate to assist with your charitable solicitation registration needs. We offer comprehensive registration services as well as a strategy session and support for nonprofits looking to handle their registrations in-house. The following links contain additional information regarding fundraising registration requirements: