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How to Keep your Non-Profit Compliant in All 50 States

State Registration Requirements for Funding

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If your non-profit organization…

  • Receives donations from residents of other states
  • Has people on its email, text, call, or mailing lists who live in other states
  • Uses social media for fundraising campaigns
  • Has a Donate Now button on its website
  • Engages in crowdfunding
  • Holds special events in other states
  • Receives grants from entities outside your state

…then you will need to register your organization in multiple states.

In fact, you’re required to register in each state in which you solicit or where your ongoing or substantial donors reside. Each state has its own requirements, and figuring out how to meet all of those can be a big task. That’s why we created this comprehensive guide.

The information provided in this free guide was created in September of 2019 by highly experienced and sophisticated lawyers who exclusively represent nonprofits.

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