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We serve nonprofits of all types and sizes, offering creative legal advice grounded in over 20 years of specialized experience in nonprofit law.

In addition to serving a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, our clients also include donors making significant or complex gifts, businesses forming foundations for cause-marketing campaigns, and nonprofit founders considering the best philanthropic vehicle to meet their needs.

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Employment Law for Nonprofits

Our newest team member, Jennifer Ward, Esq., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, brings over 15 years of experience with a strong focus on nonprofit and employment law. We can now assist you with:

  • Employment Agreements, Employee Handbooks and Workplace Policies
  • Compliance with federal and state employment laws, including paid sick leave, wage and hour, and discrimination laws
  • Governmental agency investigations
  • Executive compensation
  • Employee performance and management issues


Free Guides for your Nonprofit Organization

CharityLawyer Blog offers plain language explanations of complex nonprofit law concepts, discussions of current events and links to valuable resources for nonprofits.

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  • Hiring Independent Contractors

    Nonprofits resort to hiring independent contractors because they are often trying to “do more with less.” This common refrain of nonprofit organizations, intended to maximize the value of each donated or granted dollar, often results in small staff headcounts and employees who are handling heavy workloads and balancing multiple responsibilities. When the next need arises,

  • Charitable Solicitation Registration Updates

    Charities that seek to maintain nationwide state charitable solicitation registration know that the various states’ laws, practices, and procedures are constantly changing. Recent changes to state solicitation registration requirements for nonprofits include the following: California – Schedule B No Longer Required The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled against the California Attorney General in Americans for

  • Nonprofit Directors vs. Officers

    Nonprofits run more effectively with a well-functioning board of directors and clearly defined officer roles. Yet there can be confusion between the two different roles, especially when a person serves as both a director and an officer. Understanding the difference between the two can help eliminate confusion and avoid conflicts of interest.    Nonprofit Directors A