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We serve nonprofits of all types and sizes, offering creative legal advice grounded in over 20 years of specialized experience in nonprofit law.

In addition to serving a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, our clients also include donors making significant or complex gifts, businesses forming foundations for cause-marketing campaigns, and nonprofit founders considering the best philanthropic vehicle to meet their needs.

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  • Piercing the Corporate Veil of a Nonprofit in Arizona

    You may have heard of piercing the corporate veil in the context of for-profit corporations but are you aware that nonprofit corporations can also have their corporate veil pierced? Corporations provide several advantages for a nonprofit, including favorable tax status, perpetual life, and transferability. The most coveted of these advantages, perhaps, is limited liability. Generally, corporations … Piercing the Corporate Veil of a Nonprofit in Arizona Read More »

  • Public Support Test

    As discussed in last week's Nonprofit Law Jargon Buster, there are some organizations that are, by their very nature, considered public. These include churches, schools, and hospitals. Other types of charitable organizations must pass one of two mathematical tests calculated on a four year rolling average to qualify is public.

  • Foreign Agents Registration Act

    FARA defines “foreign principal” broadly to include any, government, political party, association, corporation, or other organization that was either established under a foreign country’s laws or maintains its principal place of business in a foreign country; and any individual outside of the United States. An “agent” is an individual or entity that acts within the United States at the direction of either a foreign principal or a person whose activities are supervised or directed by a foreign principal.