Caritas Law Group exclusively represents tax-exempt, non-profit, and mission-based businesses, as well as major donors and companies engaged in cause marketing. With offices in Tempe, Arizona, our attorneys are licensed to practice in Arizona and Washington and represent clients with regard to federal tax matters nationwide.

We pledge to make decisions that are good for society, not just shareholders. In pursuit of this vision, the firm will:

  • Efficiently service our clients in a way that adds value to their bottom line
  • Offer alternative fee arrangements that suit clients’ budgeting needs and utilize the latest technology and practice management tools to control costs and deliver consistently excellent results
  • Listen and be responsive to our clients and endeavor to have a close, mutually-beneficial working relationship with them
  • Recognize that our staff are our most important asset and strive to create an environment where the contribution of every individual is valued, where each individual has the opportunity to develop, and where each individual’s need to balance work responsibilities with family and other responsibilities is respected
  • Not be afraid of change and will seek out the technology, processes, and practices that will assist us in maximizing value to our clients
  • Be proactive not reactive
  • Treat our colleagues in other law firms, vendors, service providers, and employees with professional courtesy and respect
  • Only represent people or organizations who are prepared to act lawfully
  • Consider the long-term interests of the firm and its clients as well as the effects of our actions on our employees, colleagues, service providers, vendors, community, and the environment
  • Serve as a resource by leveraging our work in ways that benefit the nonprofit sector, and therefore the community, as a whole