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Legal Services for Nonprofit and Tax-exempt Organizations

Caritas Law Group regularly serves as outside general counsel to tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations. We also represent donors with respect to significant gifts, and socially responsible companies with respect to cause-marketing arrangements and corporate giving strategies.

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  • Antitrust for Nonprofits

    The Supreme Court, as recently as 2021, in NCAA v. Alston, has made clear that not-for-profit organizations are subject to antitrust laws the same as for-profit businesses are. This means that nonprofits need to be aware of their obligations under the primary vehicles of antitrust law in the United States: the Sherman Act, the Clayton … Antitrust for Nonprofits Read More »

  • Zoos and Animal Organizations

    Many people will visit a zoo, aquarium, circus, or other wildlife organization (“Animal Organizations”) at some point in their life. Major Animal Organizations throughout the country welcome millions of visitors each year. Animal Organizations can be great educational tools for the public, teaching people of all ages the importance of protecting the planet and its … Zoos and Animal Organizations Read More »

  • Nonprofit Affiliation

    Nonprofit affiliation should always be considered before a decision to dissolve. Nonprofits considering dissolution are thinking creatively and working to survive some of the toughest operational and funding challenges most have ever faced. Over the years, we have counseled many organizations in winding up their operations, and in many cases, there are one or more … Nonprofit Affiliation Read More »