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Legal Services for Nonprofit and Tax-exempt Organizations

Caritas Law Group regularly serves as outside general counsel to tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations. We also represent donors with respect to significant gifts, and socially responsible companies with respect to cause-marketing arrangements and corporate giving strategies.

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  • Choosing the Best Structure for Your Nonprofit

    One of the first choices founders must make when forming a nonprofit is picking a corporate structure. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, the appropriate structure depends on the organization’s charitable purposes, governance needs, liability preferences, and other considerations. This decision will impact the organization’s legal requirements, tax obligations, governance procedures, and ability to raise

  • Understanding Program-Related Investments

    Program-related investments (PRIs) are powerful financial tools available to private foundations and public charities, allowing them to further their charitable purposes while simultaneously achieving financial returns. This blend of philanthropy and investment can be a very attractive way to make a social impact. What is a Program-Related Investment? Private foundations – as with all tax-exempt

  • International Grantmaking

    International grantmaking can be an efficient and fruitful use of charitable assets. Private foundations and other charitable organizations are uniquely situated to make significant impacts on poverty, health, education, the environment, and other important causes around the globe. Often, grants can have a larger impact in foreign countries than in the United States. However, grantmakers