Taking Minutes of Nonprofit Board Meetings

Meeting minutes are a necessary form of record-keeping for all nonprofit organizations, regardless of size. These records can be used as legal evidence by the courts, IRS, and other regulators, so it’s important to ensure minutes are properly completed and stored. But where do you start?

Before your next board meeting, ensure your meeting is properly documented.

Because nonprofit board meeting minutes serve as the official and legal record of board meetings, it is crucial that they accurately reflect the actions and decisions made during those meetings. Over the course of our work with hundreds of nonprofit organizations, we’ve seen the legal issues that can easily arise due to insufficient records.

We have developed a comprehensive guide to help nonprofit organizations keep better meeting minutes, including detailed examples of how to document resolutions and decision points.


  • The importance of taking minutes of nonprofit board meetings
  • What should be included in meeting minutes
  • Tips for taking meeting mintues
  • Common mistakes when taking minutes
  • What to do in cases of emergencies when meetings can’t be conducted in person

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