Who We Serve



We provide nonprofit legal services with respect to the following:

  • Public charity rules and regulations
  • Private foundation rules and regulations
  • Governance
  • Commercial and entrepreneurial activities
  • Risk management
  • Fundraising counsel
  • Nonprofit organizational relationships
  • Charter Schools
  • International philanthropy
  • Annual reporting
  • Social enterprise
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Compensation
  • Presentations and trainings for boards and staff



  • Understanding Types of Nonprofit Board Meetings

    Regular, Special, Annual, Organizational – to the new nonprofit director, the various types of nonprofit board meetings can be confusing. Not all nonprofit board meetings are alike. Board members are sometimes unaware that state law and corporate bylaws provide for different types of meetings—often with different requirements and purposes. Understanding the different types of nonprofit board

  • The Difference Between Fiscal Sponsorship and Fiscal Agency (and Why It Matters)

    Fiscal sponsorships are a popular way for new nonprofit organizations or temporary projects to attract tax-deductible donations or secure grants that require 501(c)(3) status. However, the IRS has specific requirements that must be met to qualify as a fiscal sponsorship. That’s why organizations need to understand the difference between fiscal sponsorship and fiscal agency so that

  • 5 Risks of Third-Party Fundraisers

    Third-party fundraisers are events run by individuals, businesses, community groups, schools, or organizations to raise money or goods for a nonprofit. Activities can range from hosting a table at a community event, a restaurant night, marathons, and more.  Fundraising is essential to the success of nonprofit organizations. Yet, this regulated activity should be done with